Drive Your Business Forward with the Tata Ultra E.9 Truck! Say goodbye to slow deliveries and high fuel costs and hello to the future of commercial transportation. With a GVW, Payload capacity, and a fast charging system, the electric truck is the ultimate tool for businesses. So, get ready to make a big impact with the latest addition to Tata Motors' lineup - the Tata Ultra E.9 Truck!

Features Of Tata Ultra E.9 Electric Truck

The Tata Ultra E.9 truck is a powerful and versatile commercial vehicle from Tata Motors. This Electric truck meets the demands of various industries, including construction, transportation, and logistics.

This electric truck has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 9000 kg. Thus, making it capable of carrying heavy loads. Moreover, with a Payload capacity of 4050 kg, it can easily transport large amounts of goods and materials. 

The Tata Ultra E.9 truck features a 3-phase permanent magnet-type traction motor. Additionally, a battery powers the motor. This electric truck uses DC charging with the CCS2 protocol. Furthermore, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully. This fast and convenient charging system makes it easy to keep the vehicle powered and ready to go, reducing downtime and maximising productivity. 

In addition, the Tata Ultra E.9 truck has a maximum speed of 70 kmph, providing fast and efficient transportation for businesses. This high-speed capability makes it ideal for quickly and efficiently covering large distances, helping reduce delivery times and increase productivity. 

Tata Motors has yet to reveal the price of the Tata Ultra E.9 truck. However, the official price will soon be made public, and customers with interest are advised to stay tuned for updates.

In conclusion, the Tata Ultra E.9 truck is an excellent option for anyone searching for a powerful and versatile commercial vehicle.